Audio Examples

Each clip contains the before mastering version, followed by the after mastering version.

Mastering - Before and After

These 4 samples were all received as stereo material. We also provide single track digital editing in many native audio formats.

Restoration and Digital Editing - Before and After

Demonstrates noise reduction and tailing procedure using high resolution reverb.
Shows noise reduction on a typical guitar intro. Noise is coming from a guitar fx processor.
Removing system noise and tape hiss on piano. Added stereo imaging on the tail.
Reversed the hypercompression. Reduced noise and tailed with high resolution reverb. Technology to completely reverse hypercompression hasn't reached fruition, however restoration of a few decibels of dynamic range may mean the difference between a re-mix and a release.
Removed clack and buzz on acoustic bass. Clack is even more common on fretted basses and seldom addressed by editing houses. Digitak editing systems are designed to improve on less than stellar tracking procedures.
Removed the noise, cleaned and maximized.
Removed digital crackle on bass guitar break. This is a common example of latency or a bad word clock causing clicks and pops and the cure.

We provide forensic audio restoration, however no clips or references are available due to anonymity of client privledges. We are happy to provide you with a short restoration demonstration of your own material. E-mail for details.